Alternative Data Group

Alternative Data Group

We turn Alternative Data into Investment Data


Beyond the traditional

In 2014 we coined the term Alternative Data to describe the datasets that may contain unique investment insights but are not created for the purpose of investment analysis.  Alternative Data is created by the billions of apps and sensors in our daily lives and not by the company, industry group, or a financial marketplace.

To identify exceptional investment opportunities, managers must incorporate both Traditional and Alternative Data into the investment decision process. Investment managers that have mastered this will continue to gain unique insights and perspectives and outperform the average manager.



Areas of Practice


Data wrangling can take up to 90% of the work to incorporate data into the investment process. Our Alternative Data Integration Analytics can reduce the costs of transformation from Alternative Data into Investment Data by orders of magnitude.


Augment internal capabilities with our world-class, specialized, research and technology teams. Reduce your total cost of validation and ownership for Alternative Data through our expertise and innovative technologies.


Alternative Data is not easy. We prepare your teams to incorporate Alternative Data into your investment process. Our experts will host 1-3 day intensive sessions to set budgets, create teams, define KPIs, and establish project plans and milestones.


In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.
— Robert Arnott